Solar Project

Our Mattituck facility ‘Wickham’ has a 262-panel solar system, offsetting 100% of our electrical needs at this facility.

Operational since Spring 2022!

Sustainable Tags and Pots

Our branding hang tags and Container Collection™ Instruction cards are made with Hip Labels MilkMade™ plastic.

MilkMade™ is made with post-consumer recycled milk jugs. 

Our branded stake tags are made with Hip Labels Wood Tag™.

Wood Tag™ is made from recycled timber pulp and is plantable. 

We currently offer 100% of our combo hanging baskets and 7.5” pots in a fiber alternative from HC Companies FiberGrow Line.

Learn about USDA BioPreferred and FSC Certification’s here.

Reduce, Recycle and Reuse


7.5 “, 12” and 14” Fiber Pots made from recycled material from the HC Companies

Office wide paper reuse and recycling 

MilkMade™ Tags are made with 100% recycled plastic

WoodTag™ is the industry’s first non plastic durable paper tag


Wash and Reuse Pots, when possible

Redistribute pallets to be reused


Paperless Communication Options

Coordinate Grower truck for delivery efficiency

Paper Sleeves 


Reduce dependency on plastics.

Reuse program for our quart pots and redistribution of unused raw materials into the community. 

Recycling plan for the remainder of our plastics.

Invest in wind block and biodiverse native plant border plantings. Continue to make efforts to manage or eliminate invasive species on the property. 

Expand Paternity and Maternity leave programs to a global standard. 

Expand employee education and training programs. 

Certifications for accountability to meet and measure our cumulative environmental and social impact.

Prioritize meeting the emotional and mental health needs of employees.

Reduce dependency on Nitrogen-based fertilizers.

Continue to adapt more Integrative Pest Management practices.



To create a nonviolent, cooperative, respectful culture of growth.

Mistakes are opportunities for growth. 

Value compassionate communication. 

Assumption of good intentions. 

Respecting boundaries.

Modeling and uplifting rest recovery and self-care.


Prioritize seed and native varieties over genetically modified origins. 

Stay educated on climate change science and bioregional impact. 

Restore natural habitat to the land we occupy. 

Doing our best when we can and always doing better than before. 

Change business practices to meet and support environmental needs. 

To value small local business relationships.

To vet our suppliers in order to partner and align with companies that have shared values.

Generous sick and vacation policies. Self-determined professional development education opportunities are compensated and supported.

Print to digital transition for 90% of communication and for our catalog since 2016.


Planting Hope Project This year, we will be donating 100% of the proceeds from the sale of Rudbeckia hirta Cherry Brandy to The Peconic Land Trust, Shinnecock Land Acquisition, and Stewardship Fund. 

Annual plant donations are made to local community organizations such as ELIJH, The Hummingbird Garden, Mattituck-Cutchogue Junior-Senior High School, Peconic Community School, Kait’s Angels, Peconic Land Trust, Group for the East End.

Partnerships & Collaborations

HIP Labels: Has a history of environmentally friendly innovation. From their continued use of recycled and recyclable options to the development of the industry’s first biodegradable nonplastic tag alternative. 

Glover Perennials: Glover Perennials is a family-owned and operated wholesale nursery located in Cutchogue, NY. Established in 1997, Glover has grown into a highly respected, quality perennial grower over the years. Promoting biodiversity with their extensive native selections. They have created a place where unusual, useful, and interesting species are cultivated and can thrive.

HC Companies: Offers biobased FiberGrow, EcoGrow, and BioPax™ pot alternatives. With the traceability and certifications to support their claims. The HC Companies sources and purchases resin composed of post-consumer, post-industrial recycled materials for the manufacturing of their horticultural containers. They have company commitments to sustainability and environmental impact, as well as understand the consumer demand for quality alternatives.

Vermont Wooden Box Co:

Our Container Collection Boxes are handmade by a small, local business in Vermont. They use locally sourced materials and use quality and craftsmanship to create functional, useful, and sustainable products that can be reused in the future. 

Blackmore Company: Today Blackmore recycles used trays from participating customers and reuses them in their manufacturing processes. Combining this post-consumer plastic with other post-industrial recycled plastics, their trays are now composed of up to 90% recycled plastics.

Green Island Distributors: Established in 1992, Green Island Distributors, Inc. is a family owned and operated business dedicated to serving the Tri-State Area’s greenhouse and nursery growers. We strive to supply quality products and excellent service to our customers. We are strategically located on Long Island to provide the best horticultural products and services to commercial greenhouse growers.